Renovation & Expansion

If your next building project is a renovation or expansion, we can help you determine the ideal solution to meet your future space needs. From space consolidation to growth, we will evaluate all your options and help you make the right decision to ensure an uninterrupted workflow, minimum interruption to your business and long-term growth.

One of the most complex areas of construction work is that of the expansion and renovation of existing plants. This work requires detailed planning, careful coordination, attention to detail, and meticulous execution. In most cases, preparatory work is performed while the plant is running. Final installation work occurs during a planned plant shutdown of limited duration. 

Parashar’s Construction prides itself on the successful completion of numerous plant expansions and renovations that were finished on time and within budget. When working on plant expansion and renovation and during turnarounds, safety takes top priority. Parashar’s Construction has a rigorous safety program that includes safety audits, hazard identification, and safe working procedures. This safety program also includes training with the objective of achieving zero accidents, incidents, or injuries.