Quality is a key driver at Parashar’s Construction and forms the fundamental core of our working process. The usage of latest equipment, teams of highly proficient engineers, skilled workmen, premium materials, quality tools and constant supervision, ensure superior and consistent quality in all our projects.

The at-site deployment of Senior site supervisors for all processes, elaborate documentation and reporting, in-organization quality audits, scheduled management visits and periodic reviews, ensure quality workmanship, finishing, detailing and on-time completion of projects.

The encouraging, highly satisfied testimonials of our clients, their repeat business and the expanding reach of our operations are a testament to our quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Quality policy objectives:

  • Aligning quality management system policy and objectives in line with the strategy of the organization.
  • Risk-based thinking and implementation of risk control.
  • Superior emphasis on processes being managed to achieve planned results.
  • Effective communication with customers.
  • Alignment with strategic direction.
  • Flexibility for documented information.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining greater credibility.
  • Ensuring customer retention and loyalty.