Pre Construction Design & Estimating

We believes that the best estimating and pre-construction planning are thorough and limit the possibility that unanticipated issues and scope gaps will arise. This requires a comprehensive system and a closely honed eye for details.

At Parashar’s Construction , we have the systems, knowledge, and people to fully account for even the smallest element of a project. We view estimating not as a detached process, but as a conversation between the Parashar’s Construction team members and you, our customer, focused on the requirements of the project.

When Parashar’s Construction provides estimating and pre-construction services for a project, whether it be a hard bid project, design-build, design assist or a just budget, you can be assured that we will have accounted for everything shown and sized within the contract documents. We can accurately estimate labor costs to a superior level of fidelity and project the costs of changes — even on the most complex projects. Our estimators start with a set of design documents, at Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD), or Construction Documents (CD) levels. We account for the cost of every single bolt, capture all of the main material at the correct lengths and weights, include all detail material, account for all associated labor, every cut, every hole, every cope, every weld, consumable costs, coatings, transportation, etc.