Construction Management

Parashar’s Construction provide construction management services in an expedient and economical manner, performing with skill and care to ensure construction is accomplished in accordance with your goals and expectations. We establish clear lines of authority for on-site control, and our Project Manager will be on-site maintaining constant interaction with the design and engineering teams, to assure compliance with the design intent. To generate the most efficient procedures for project control, while minimizing any project disruptions for the duration of the project, our field activities include the following responsibilities:


  1. Secure the construction building permits necessary for the construction of the project.
  2. Keep detailed accounting information, and furnish an anticipated cash flow schedule and estimated values allocated to major segments of the work.
  3. Provide an estimated Construction Schedule indicating the dates for starting and completing the various stages of construction.
  4. Provide supervision, inspection, testing, labor, material, equipment, and specialty items necessary to execute and complete the construction of the project.
  5. Take all precautions necessary for the safety of employees on the work-site and compliance with all applicable safety laws. The Parashar’s Construction Safety Program will be given to all subcontractors and it will be made part of each subcontract.
  6. Comply with laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, and lawful orders of public authorities related to the project.
  7. Keep the project premises free from accumulated construction waste materials. At the end of the work, Parashar’s Construction will remove all tools, surplus materials, equipment, machinery, and waste materials from the project site.
  8. Prepare any Change Orders for client approval and execution in accordance with the terms of the construction agreement.
  9. Keep one complete copy of the drawings, specifications, product data, samples, shop drawings, change orders and other modifications, marked to record changes made during the construction, at the site, and deliver this record to our client upon completion and final payment.