A Guide To Remodeling Your Front Entrance

If you are feeling bored with the look of your house, one of the easiest way to give  it a new touch is to start with the front entrance and exterior. There are so many ways you can remodel without breaking the bank while stealing your favorite DIY projects you’ve seen on remodeling shows. Here is a quick guide to remodeling your front entrance and giving it new life!

Exterior Accessories

There are some quick, DIY accessories you can add to the front of your house to give it a remodeling. If your grass is looking bare, add some flowers, even hanging ones, to give your home a fresh pop of color. You can also change the color of your mailbox. Add an inviting feel as the mailman drops off your packages. Our favorite exterior accessory to add is a new welcome mat. There are so many creative and quirky mats available to match any family personality.

Front Door Renovation

Remodeling your font entrance start as quickly as updating your front door. Seriously, you can spruce up your front door to change the feel of the outside of the house. If your door is a dark color like black, red, or green, switch to a lighter color like white, grey or yellow. This will create a friendly, approachable environment to the front of your house.

Porch Addition

If you don’t have a porch in the front of your house, this is by far the best remodeling tip to spruce up your front entrance. Everyone homebuyer/homeowner wants to have a space where they can relax in the summertime, read a book and people watch from afar. A porch is an awesome way to add that feature. Not only will it serve in your favor for easily watching kids while playing in the front yard, but it will also increase the price of your house if you ever decided to sell on the market. Although this is the most expensive on our list for remodeling your house, it will prove to be the best.

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